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CoMotion On King

115 King Street E. 3rd Floor Hamilton, ON L8N 1A9

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CoMotion On King

About CoMotion



Hamilton’s Largest Coworking Space, CoMotion On King, is a 10,000 square foot coworking space with 39 glass window offices, 26 dedicated and shared desks, 3 meeting rooms, mailbox services, a kitchen space, lounge areas, large event space, rooftop patio, and a multitude of other little nooks, crannies, and decor features meant to inspire collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

With the insight and forethought that went into developing the floorplan, CoMotion on King is amenable to each individual entrepreneurs looking for a single desk, and existing tech, creative, or professional service firms looking to book multiple offices, or establish a satellite office and build their business in a diverse, eclectic, and innovative environment.

CoMotion on King, one of the largest coworking spaces in Southern Ontario, is part of a movement that seeks to inspire, and be the future home of Hamilton’s, Ontario’s, and Canada’s next generation of businesses.

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Our Story

Coworking spaces are not new. A large coworking space in Hamilton’s continuously revitalized core, on the third floor of the former offices of the Hamilton Spectator, above a ping pong lounge, surrounded by the eclectic shops and cafés of King Street East, and located directly across from the eagerly anticipated condos at the Royal Connaught?

That is new.

This is the beginning of CoMotion On King’s story, but it’s not the start. CoMotion On King started with a simple but characteristically collaborative conversation between three proud Hamilton natives and one tirelessly supportive transplant. Having known one another professionally for a number of years, Joe Accardi, Chad Fullerton, Tammy Hwang, and Ryan Moran held each other in high esteem. As such, they would jump at the chance to work together on a project, and this is precisely what happened when Accardi raised the idea of a coworking project, in the derelict third floor of 115 King Street East.

Immediately setting to work, researching everything from co-working industry best practices and collaborative space design, to cross-functional workplace strategies and developing trends in the Canadian small business landscape, The CoMotion Group was born with the objective of being the go-to resource on the topic of inter-disciplinary collaboration and promoting the benefits of cross-functional business practices and environments. Essentially, exploring new ways that people, departments and companies can work better together.

Our Team

CoMotion is a startup business in of itself, lead by four ambitious entrepreneur founders that live in Hamilton and are connected to the Hamilton entrepreneur ecosystem.


Joe is a fantastic example of both the entrepreneurial spirit and Hamilton’s revitalization. A Hamilton transplant from Toronto, upon arriving in the community Joe immediately engaged himself within it, taking on leadership roles with the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce’s Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals committee, and Hamilton HIVE. Seeing incredible opportunity in the Hamilton community, Joe set to work on his first business, Red Brick Rentals. Since then, Joe’s boundless energy has seen him be the driving force behind additional start-ups such as Green Smoothie Bar, Platform 302, Econo Storage.


Chad is an entrepreneurial Swiss Army Knife. A Hamilton-native, Chad uses his vast, personal skills and talents toolkit to build businesses and communities wherever he goes. From establishing a web development and graphic design business as a teenager, to building McMaster University’s unofficial, but vastly popular online student community, MacInsiders. Chad has continued to manage his own marketing and design firm, Fullerton Media, while pursuing a career with Corus Entertainment. In addition to this, Chad has been an active member of the Hamilton HIVE, as a cofounder of the Hamilton Freelancers Association. He is also on the organizing team of Startup Weekend Hamilton.


Tammy not only has her finger on the pulse of small business development and the start-up community in Hamilton, she’s central to the groups that keep its heart beating. Also a Hamilton-native, Tammy was instrumental in the development of the Innovation Factory and the essential business support services it has provided to Hamilton start-ups. She currently works for City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Division in a new area called Global Hamilton. Global Hamilton is working on building the immigrant entrepreneur experience here in Hamilton. Tammy is also a cofounder of the not-for-profit professional support service, Strive Consulting.


Ryan is the final Hamilton-native making up this foursome. Bringing a diversity of business experience, from sales in a heavy- manufacturing Fortune 500, to communications for a boutique design agency, to now managing the marketing and brand redevelopment of the internationally renowned Niagara Parks, as its Senior Manager of Marketing, Ryan’s specialty is strategy, whether business development, marketing communication, brand management, or generational engagement. A cofounder of the Hamilton HIVE, Ryan has a deep interest in the economic, professional, and personal development of those in the Hamilton community.

Our Vision, Values, and Culture


“Renowned for its space & amenities, unique clientele, and inspiring business development support programs, CoMotion on King is a proven launch pad for the next generation of Canadian Businesses, and a regional leader in the provision of Collaborative Workspaces.” 


1. Respectful

In all our actions and communications we respect to our clients, employees, and all other stakeholders, we understand and appreciate their unique pressures and responsibilities, value our relationship with them, and maintain a strong sense of rationalism and calmness.

2. Ethical

In our day-to-day business activities, community involvement, operational management, and all other considerations, we are sure to exercise the judgment necessary to always do the right thing.

3. Honest

Though certainly included under the brand value of being ethical, and closely tied to respect, honesty goes further in that it also means being open, clear and transparent in all communications with all stakeholders. Moreover, to communicate with them like the respected partners they are, in a pleasant, personal manner, and void of all pretension.


We describe our culture as being:

Through these, we ensure that:

CoMotion on King is a shared workspace for the inventive, creative, and driven minds of the GTHA, made by the inventive, creative, driven minds of the GTHA.

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