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CoMotion On King

115 King Street E. 3rd Floor Hamilton, ON L8N 1A9

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CoMotion CoExchange



The CoMotion CoExchange is an optional, business to business affinity program entitled to all levels of CoMotion community membership.  The purpose is to:

  1. Encourage sharing of resources and skills among CoMotion community members
  2. Encourage business transactions between, and usage of, the CoMotion community membership’s products and/or services
  3. Alleviate cost pressures faced by CoMotion community membership, by allowing members to receive discounts on each other’s products and/or services
  4. Continue to add tangible value to all levels of CoMotion community membership

How it works

CoMotion Members have the option of opting into the CoMotion CoExchange program by offering a minimum discount of 10% off of their products and/or services. All CoExchange community member discounts are then made available to all of the other members who are participating in the CoExchange program.

A great way to encourage collaboration, working together, and supporting the businesses of fellow members.


Want to join the CoMotion CoExchange?
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